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Appointments, Fees & Rebates


Byron Bay & Online. 




The current fee recommended by the APS (Australian Psychological Society) is $280 for a 45-60 minute session. 


Fees for face-to-face and online sessions: 

·    $280 for a 50 minute session *this service is eligible for Medicare Rebate

·    $320 for a 90 minute session

·    $400 for a 120 minute session

·    3 and 6 Month Integration Packages (upon request)


Medicare Rebate

$131.64 Rebate from Medicare with Mental Health Plans (available through your GP). 


How To Apply

Book an appointment with your GP and they will make an evaluation to determine whether a Mental Health Plan is suitable. 


The plan entitles you to six Medicare-funded individual sessions, with a further four available following a second GP consultation. 


Provide your GP with my Medicare details (Medicare Provider Number: 4008371F) then contact me to schedule your appointment.



A Mental Health Care Plan currently enables you to claim a rebate of $131.65 (for a 50+ minute session) for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. This leaves a gap (i.e. the cost to you) of between $148.35 per 50 min session.


Payment of the full fee is required at the time of the consultation by cash or card. 

I will provide you with an invoice to claim your Medicare rebate. 


If you are coming under a Mental Health Care Plan, after our 6th and 10th sessions I am required to provide a brief letter to your GP with an update on the progress of therapy and you are required to see your GP for a review and re-referral. 

I am able to offer Telehealth sessions, which may or may not be eligible for rebates under Medicare or Private health.


For further information see here.


Private Health

If you are coming under Private Health coverage, please check with your provider to find out more about the rebate they offer.


Cancellation Policy

24hrs notice is appreciated for cancellations or rescheduling of appointments otherwise a fee of $200 will be charged.




Feeling safe and secure within the therapeutic relationship is a very important aspect of therapy. What we discuss during a session is strictly confidential, with the exception of three circumstances:

(i) if I believe that you are at risk of hurting yourself or another person, in which case I may need to seek the assistance of another without your consent

(ii) if I am subpoenaed by a Court of Law

(iii) in case discussions with my clinical supervisor; this is standard practice and helps me to work as well as I can with you (at no time during discussion of cases will identifying information be disclosed). My supervisor is bound by the same Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and confidentiality as myself.



In the case of an emergency, please contact either triple zero (000), your GP, psychiatrist, nearest hospital (Byron Bay Hospital 6685 6200) or the Mental Health Line (MHL 1800 011 511).  After hours support can also be sought from Lifeline (131 114).

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